What I learned in Marriage Counseling

“I miss you,” S. used to say. It’s funny what those three little words can do! In retrospect, he probably meant, “I love spending time with you and I wish you were here right now.” Unfortunately, what I heard was, “You shouldn’t have gone away this weekend and I’m upset you’re not with me.” We... Continue Reading →


Untangling The Ties That Bind

It’s funny how we consider certain voices to be acceptable while other voices are a sign of insanity. For example, the voice inside our head that says, “I can’t forget to pick up the kid at the babysitter’s in three hours,” seems pretty sensible. Whereas the voice that says, “I’m the physical embodiment of JFK... Continue Reading →

On Baggage Too Heavy to Carry

The harder I try to be somebody else, the more I stay the same. My me-ness fights stubbornly to the surface, demanding to be heard. The more I try to ignore it, the louder it yells. I don’t want it. I want to wipe slates clean, start fresh, be new. Revived. I don’t want my... Continue Reading →

One Letter Was Enough

For years, all I had to type was “s”. That was enough for the social media search engine to auto-fill the 8 letters which followed. Now the search engine seems puzzled, and then it starts its guessing game… As though “S” was for a first time look, as though I were looking for a stranger.... Continue Reading →

Broken Heart

It’s not the right season for a broken heart. It comes like a thunderstorm in the middle of winter. A suffering crocus in early January. A ruby red strawberry under the snow. My heart is bombarded by pinpricks of hail on a bright sunny day in early June, battering me with stories of love still... Continue Reading →

Concussion Vacation

On September 21st of last year I accidentally broke my brain. Ironically, I didn’t actually realize it was broken for a few days. At first I thought...

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